PasGridProtection, analysis and setting for electrical Grids – is a computer-based tool for analysis and setting calculation of protective relays in 3-phase electrical grids.

Screenshot of PasGrid


Screenshot with graph Screenshot with graph
  • Database-oriented application for Windows 7/8/10
  • Integrated resource management system with detailled models
  • References to libraries
  • Manufacturer-independent relay model
  • Data import and export via XML interface
  • Freely definable protective objects
  • Integrated short circuit calculation
  • Integrated current transformer simulation
  • Calculatable protective functions:
    • Overcurrent
    • Distance
    • Earth fault
    • Differential
    • Fault locator
  • Additional data models for:
    • Backup overcurrent
    • Schemes
    • Auto reclosure
    • Breaker failure
    • Power swing blocking
    • Harmonic restraint
  • Generating of the setting reports and graphs
  • Printing of the setting reports
  • PDF export for setting reports (requires additional software)